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    Raise to Age White Pekin Huge Giant Duck Local Delivery
    Raise to AgeWhite Pekin Huge Giant DuckLocal Delivery

    Raise to Age the breed you want... Looking for the breed you want and wanting it at the age you wish? East County Zoo will raise the breed of choice to the age you would like to take home... Please let us know how we can help...

    Hatched: 02/24/2016 Gender: Straight run American Pekin duck Pekin duck Long Island duck ( Anas platyrhynchos domestica , or Anas peking ) is a breed of domestic duck used primarily for egg and meat production. It was bred from the mallard in...

    Local Delivery - San Diego Areas East County Zoo is now ofering local delivery to San Diego and the surrounding areas that doesnt have a minimum restriction on live poultry shipping. Based on distance from postal code 92040. Please choose the...




     Local pick-up and delivery available by appointment only. Call/Text 619.201.5257

     FREE SHIPPING on poultry/Egg orders that meet the minimum requirements.  some orders can be mixed quantities of poultry as long as the total quantity meets the minimum requirements in order to ship safely on shipping day.  Please contact us for more details.

    At this time we are not maiing/shipping birds through USPS

    we are still offering local San Diego Delivery service

    Minimum order requirements to ship safely
    25 Chicks 30 Bantams
    20 Turkeys 15 Ducks
    30 Guineas   8 Geese
    12 Eggs  

    100% Live guarantee of delivery of chicks East County Zoo only ships throughout the USA, Most areas, on day of hatching Via USPS or alternate shipping and will typically arrive at your door or local post office within 2 days.